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The "Not So Hidden" Treasure: IVORI FAITH

  We've all seen them. You look across the club and there she is, demanding the attention of the everyone's lustful stare's as she stands there oozing self confidence. Her long, flowing hair draped over her shoulders. Those thick lashes and collagen-filled lips accentuate her face. The fabric of her dress stressed to the max, exposing her ample cleavage. Her curves, those wide hips, intoxicating wiggle of her butt, and those shapely legs....WAIT!! What was that...go back up. Oh My God!!! That beautiful woman you were just imagining in your bed having wild, bed-rocking sex with, has a penis....that the little black dress just can't contain!! Is it real? Oh, it's real! But..but..she..umm he...hmmm I just don't know. Is it a case of gender confusion gone too far or God's work "repaired" to how she feels it should have been? Maybe society isn't ready for such a spectacle, but is it really any different than adding a few CC's into those little titties, a butt enhancement and sucking fat from some areas of your body to add to others? So SLifestyles decided to go inside the head (the one on the shoulders) of one of these beautiful creatures, the ever-so talented sexual being, Ivori Faith. 

Tegann Parx: Welcome Ivori. Many of my readers aren't quite as bright as me, (who am I trying to fool...none are) so I gotta try to help them understand your gender classification. If you are in a restaurant, which restroom do you use?
Ivori Faith: Uh, I use the one that's least busy.

Tegann: Well, that really doesn't help. Ok let's try this one. If you get caught doing some illegal shit that's probably a result of some fucked up psychological shit resulting in your transformation and criminal future, are you getting locked up in a men's or women's prison?
Ivori: Women's prison because even if I don't end up running the joint, they have smaller hands, which make a number of things less uncomfortable...

Tegann: That's good enough for me, so female it is. Ivori, not all those women have small hands. Those bull dykes in there have some thick fingers....but it's not a bad thing. I only know because I am an elite investigative journalist, people! Those were such bogus charges.... When you were born, did you have a basic SL male or female shape?
Ivori: Basic male, then over the years, I got f'n fabulous!

Tegann: It's great to see such an unlikely rise to awesomeness. I was just lucky enough to be born that way, but keep your head up, 99% only dream of reaching it. Which came first, those big boobies or the D?
Ivori: Well, I suppose the boobs, since there was a 'transitional' female avi in between the original male and Ivori.  And no you can't know her name.

Tegann: Who doesn't like boobs more, anyways. Ivori, it really doesn't matter the names of these imaginary friend avatars. The important thing is you got through that messed up part of your life to because this sexy piece of ass or stud that you are today. Do you get hit on by more men or women?
Ivori:  It's about 50/50, though the percentage of doable guys is depressingly lower than it should be.  Perhaps they don't know I made my titties bigger yet.

Tegann: Maybe these guys just don't know what you got... However, I don't think it's possible to miss your "features", Ivori...and I mean ALLLLL of them!!  Which sex do you hit on more?
Ivori: 34% tgirls/ 33% girls/ 33% guys.

Tegann: I guess that truly makes you a mathematical trisexual. My first, although most of the people I feature would certainly "try" anything. How far have you gone with a guy before he knew you were "packing"?
Ivori: Been a while since that happened, but it has.  Lately it's been "Oh I love shemales!  Wait, you have a dick in real life??? Oh I am so outta here!"

Tegann: So, your first blow job. Did you give or receive?
Ivori: Received! 

Tegann: Good girl. For hotness like us, it's doing them a favor to receive their gifts. Who is your dream partner?
Ivori:  A clone of myself.  No wait, 2 clones of myself.

Tegann: Oh wow!! The first that never said me. It's alright, though. Some people have good taste and others don't. How do you hide that freakishly big monster under your skirt?
Ivori:  I studied with the legendary Japanese Transexual Su Shi to learn the ancient art of tucking.

Tegann: That answer sounds kinda fishy. Everyone knows Asians have no reason to tuck their bits. It's rarely visible. Which do you prefer: Boxers, briefs, panties, thongs? 
Ivori: If I must, but seriously, the only ones who should wear these are strippers. Let your bits breathe, people!!

Tegann: Speaking of which, you are an exotic dancer. Have you ever jammed your junk against the stripper pole?
Ivori: That is a risk you accept in this line of work.  If you ever come to one of the clubs I work at (The Chocolate Bar, Kitty Kickers, and Double D's), however, you will notice I dance openly on the stage and not on the pole, so read into that what you want...

Tegann: I thought that was some group for those suffering from anal sex accidents. You are also a very active porn star. How did you get started in porn?
Ivori:  Like everyone else: with Hard Rust pointing a gun at my head.  I kid, I kid... No, I went to a party, and I met Emmanuelle, Serenity and a couple others and they pointed me in the direction of a film maker.  The rest filthy history.

Tegann: Oh, so your 50 year old married neighbor didn't invite you over to a poker game while his wife was outta town, get you drunk and stoned and next thing you know, you are on porn sites with more pricks surrounding you than a porcupine...Umm me either. Who are your inspirations in the porn world? 
Ivori:  Oh man... there's so many.  In SL my superstars series is covering those. (Ivori's Flickr Plug) Also, Sarina Valentina, Bailey Jay, Carla Novaes, Mia Isabella, Vaniity, Ana Mancini and many others.

Tegann: A tranny porn fiend, I see!! What has been the highlight of your SL? 
Ivori: In all seriousness, the fact that I have had a number of tgirls come up to me and tell me I inspired them to get into porn.  It's awesome knowing that someone saw me and said "After I'm done masturbating, I wanna do that too!"

Tegann: You inspire them to follow down a road of disease infested sex for minimal pay and no health care, but hey, as long as they rise up that ladder to become a well known video whore. You should be proud. When you masturbate, do grope your boobs and jerk off at the same time? 
Ivori: What?  What the hell kind of question is that?  Weirdo.  Just kidding. No, not usually.

Tegann: Geez, why the fuck not?? What do you like to do when you aren't shooting and starring in porn?
Ivori: It's usually stripping/escorting/findom related, apart from shopping and those rare occasions when I actually get time to spend with my friends...

Tegann: So whoring yourself for money...and spending it. You know how to have a good time! What's the downside of being the hottest tgirl in the SL porn world?
Ivori: Well, there's the people who think that I'm some stuck up bitch because of it.  I am, bigtime.  But I don't want you to think that.  The marriage proposals are kinda weird, and the guys who wanna be my sugar daddy, but not let me continue in the lifestyle that drew them to me, kinda pisses me off.  You wanna be that guy, then don't be 'that guy'. 

Tegann: Unless they wanna be that "girl"!!  How often do "alpha males" want to be bent over and rode like a pony in heat?
Ivori:  Lord, I could tell you stories (and after you sign a confidentiality agreement, I will).  The thing is, it's really not that big a deal.  If guys knew how good things can be when you make friends with your prostate, they'd all been doing it.  Add in that it's SL, and one of the big points with SL is to live a life that's not a carbon fucking copy of the one you live when you log off.  So knock off the macho posturing and take a dick in the ass.  It's good for you, and I promise, I will be gentle.

Tegann: Wow. Those dominant male types are actually SL biggest bitches. That's breaking news....  You are openly accepting sugga mamas and sugga daddies. Your profile says " Wanna get my attention? Dropping gifts here works". What are the best and worst gifts you received?
Ivori: Worst gifts? Freebie clothes (I think the made them and wanted me to model them if I recall... Best gift? Well, Marilyn always said Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but in SL, lindens speak volumes.  Let's just say it was a lot.

Tegann: Oh, I've been given car lots too. No big deal. What would 1000L buy? 20,000L? A set of double D's and a sandwich?
Ivori: 1000?  A lil bit of a lap grind.  You're gonna get groped.  But that's (rolling with the food analogies here :p ) 20K? 20K gets you the 'Your Girlfriend's Out Of Town For The Weekend' Experience...

Tegann: So he doesn't have to shower and you don't nag and bitch at him. Can't he just do that for free? OK, tell me a fantasy you have yet to fulfill in SL?
Ivori: There's a few: gangbang is one one of them, but the biggest one is riding Hard Rust like a rented mule.

Tegann: Now that getting interviewed by a true SL goddess is off the list, of course. Where do you see Ivori Faith 5 years from now?
Ivori: Hopefully not still in SL because y'all are a bunch of sick motherfuckers...

Tegann: We are. We love seeing juicy gossip...the more messed up, the better. Any scandalous confessions/secrets you would like to get off that big tittied chest of yours and share exclusively with me and my readers?
Ivori: Scandalous confessions?  After this interview I don't think I have anything left (laughs).  I guess I just wanna say a) I'm sorry about my dick being bigger than yours and b) just remember, after you've had the best sex of your SL life, if you weren't thinking about me during it, there's a good chance your partner was.  Now... come over here n gimme a kiss, T.

   And who am I to refuse that request. Well, I am the Tegann Parx, star of the world of Second Life, but maybe I just wanna. Now that you have a better understanding of Shemales around you, go suck a tranny dick while you get a handful of those big fake titties and give them a big anal welcome into your second life. 

   In case you aren't ready for that just yet, go enjoy Ivori's hot body in her SL Porn:

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